Our team

We are a community of people interested in how faith and mental wellbeing are related, a community which intends to help it's members flourish and grow.

Ali Hogger-Gadsby Director of Keeping Health in Mind

I'm Ali, and I'm the co founder and director of Keeping Health in Mind. I was a mental health nurse and behavioural therapist in a previous life, and have also experienced mental health problems in those close to me. KHIM began to encourage and equip churches to start conversations about mental health, and to be good promoters and protectors of mental health and emotional wellbeing. I long for our churches to be places where mental health is talked about as part of our everyday shared lives, and where people who are searching for God in the midst of their illness can find a place to have their questions answered, and to be reconciled to God, to themselves, and to those around them.

Clive Hogger Trustee

I’m the vicar of a city centre church in the Midlands. I was treated for mental health problems as a young adult and I then went on to train and work as a mental health nurse before moving in to Christian ministry. I long for a time when mental health problems are not stigmatised anywhere, especially in church.

Heather Reid Trustee

I am an Occupational Therapist and Mental health conditions have been a fact of life for myself and my family, at all ages, stages of our lives. It is a strength. I value the unique contribution people with mental health conditions bring and would like to see the church and society redesign itself, to be truly accessible. Free to be ourselves and to free to worship.

Professor Simon Brake Chair of Trustees

I have worked in a variety of general and senior management roles across health and social care, within hospitals, commissioning, and central government policy. I'm also a churchwarden and am chair of Coventry CAB. I am passionate about championing the cause of anyone who is treated unfairly, and people with mental health problems are often hugely disadvantaged.