Latest Update

18 February 2016 2 minute read

It has been a little while since we’ve posted any news updates here, not because nothing has been happening but because so much has been going on! Nationally mental health has been more prominent in the media and as a political issue, as has the place of the Church in developing the wellbeing of the nation so this is an exciting time for us as people become more receptive to our message.

Our Director, Alison, was interviewed as a part of the Big Mental Health Day organised by Mind and Soul and Livability. This was a great event for World Mental Health Day 2015 which brought many people together to share ideas and stories and to be resourced and encouraged by each other. The talks, including Alison’s interview, were recorded and can be found here.

We ran a training day on October 17th for people wanting to run The LIFE Course in their own churches or contexts and the outcome of that is that there are now several places running the course or intending to run it very soon. One person who recently completed the course wrote this:

“Today was the final session of the brilliant Keeping Health in Mind, life course. Each and every session was absolutely fantastic, met some really great people and learnt so much, some of which I already knew but it’s easy to forget with the ongoing stressful and busy-ness of daily life to apply some of the skills. It’s also good to be able to share ideas and experiences. It’s been a great help over the last few weeks. This course is for anyone and if you get the chance then everyone should do this.”

Alison has been invited to quite a few places to speak lately, including to volunteers at a Christian healing centre, to a group of church leaders and representatives in Shottery, Warwickshire, as a part of a spiritual formation course here in Coventry, and to a large church in Cheltenham. She has been very encouraged by people’s responses and welcomes further invitations to come and speak.

Our “Brief Guide to Faith and Mental Health” is proving very popular and has been requested from all round Britain. These cost £4 each and we still have a few left if you would like some. Please use our contact page or email us here.

We held our AGM and now have a new chair of trustees and a new secretary. We are so grateful to the outgoing post holders, Jeremy and Ellie, who have helped us through some really significant transitions.

So that’s what we’ve been up to over the last two or three months. We anticipate that the next few months will be similar and we have some new things simmering until the time is right. Thank you for your interest and support.