Crowdfunder for new collaboration

4 May 2018 1 minute read

We have partnered with Soul Purpose, started by two friends who wanted to change the face of the christian clothing scene and offer high quality, ethical clothing that brings people together and gets them talking about the things that are important to them and how they can make a difference.

They want to demonstrate the power of collaboration in the products they put out, and we are so pleased to be working with them. Once you have helped us make this range possible they will then donate £2 pounds of every sale to us.

They are working together with others as well, and each crowd funded collaboration is based around the message of those they work with and how that relates to our faith. To futher develop the life changing work of Keeping Health in Mind, we want to use Soul Purpose products and resources to start and keep the conversation going. They have already developed artwork and ideas that, with your funding, they can continue to develop into a full range. Please check out our Crowdfunder here and help to make this thing possible.