#2 Free to Worship

All people should be free to worship God and mental health should not be a barrier to being a member of God's church.

We want to help by freeing members of faith communities, mental health service users, carers and mental health professionals to connect with each other through having a shared language and understanding.

Keeping Health in Mind Director, Alison Hogger Gadsby, is a Christian minister who is also a former Mental Health Nurse trained in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. She is available to churches to speak about mental health issues, and provide advice and training.

Given that 1 in 4 people will have experience of mental ill health at some stage in their lives, this is an issue that will affect all churches.

How much do you know about different mental health problems?

How might they impact faith? How might you decide whether to seek support from a health professional or a spiritual leader?

Our Brief Guide to Faith and Mental Health allows us to cut through some of the jargon and provide clear and basic descriptions of various potential experiences that people may have so that we can be free to explore the relationship between faith and mental health.

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