The Rt Revd Dr Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry "Keeping Health in Mind is an initiative by people passionately committed to showing that the health of our minds is of infinite importance to God and that Jesus came to put people in their ‘right minds’ (Mark 5.15) and that God’s Spirit is ready to reach out through the Church to all who suffer in body, spirit and mind."

Tim Hughes, Director of Worship, Holy Trinity Brompton "It's an honour to be a patron for Keeping Health In Mind. It is extremely important that we address these issues and for the church to be a place which is open to all people working through different issues."

Rev. Paul Simmonds, Workcare "Mental stress and pressure affects us all at various times in our lives either directly and personally or through those near to us. Yet maybe we are reluctant to talk about it (for fear of being seen as weak or unable to cope). Alison talked recently about the impact of the credit crunch on mental health in a way that was accessible to a wide range of people. They really appreciated the fresh way that Alison spoke and were able to understand the importance of being alert to mental health issues that have the potential to threaten us and those around us."

Rev. Richard Awre, Vicar of St Nicholas & St Barnabas, Kenilworth "A bumper congregation made us realize how many people have family, friends or themselves caught up in a mental illness. Alison spoke in an open down to earth way on the level of the person in the street and had lists of practical suggestions as to how individual Christians and congregations could help people with mental health issues."

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