Space and time

5 September 2014 1 minute read

They say time is a great healer, not that I'm quite sure who 'they' are, and on what basis they feel qualified to make sweeping statements about your or my processes for recovery.

Anyway, time as a healer. Seems none of us ever have enough time, except those lucky enough to be relaxing behind the locked door of a comfortable and well-staffed psychiatric unit while pondering the complexities of Mental Health Review Tribunals. So how does time heal? I'm not sure it does. It's what happens during that time that counts.

A long time of avoiding the issue will not bring recovery. The passing of a lengthy interlude does not necessarily lessen our pain or confusion following a traumatic life event. We need more than time. We need space, space to boldly go where understanding resides. And we'll probably need help to find that space.

Who do you think could help you?