Mental Health Awareness Week

11 May 2015 1 minute read

It is not so long ago that the idea of people within churches playing a part in raising awareness of mental health issues would have been virtually unheard of. Just as mental health would rarely make the news (unless something terrible had been done by someone identified in screaming headlines as "a schizophrenic" or some other such stigmatising label), it seemed rarely to be spoken about in churches either. Despite many churches identifying themselves as being welcoming and inclusive, as being a place where people's hurts get healed, as being people that bring transformation into the community in which they are set, mental health problems just seemed to be low on the agenda.

Fortunately that is no longer the case. There are many good people working to raise awareness in the church and to offer welcome and healing to those not necessarily connected to church. Evidence of this is how readily organisations such as Mind and Soul and Christian Mindfulness have thrown their hats into the ring to promote Mental Health Awareness Week 2015.

Here at Keeping Health in Mind we would encourage everyone to find out more about mental health problems this week, whether by exploring our site a bit further or by connecting with one of these:

Together we can make a difference in the battle against stigma.