How do you communicate?

2 May 2018 1 minute read

We communicate with others in many ways...what we say, how we say it, the expressions on our faces, our body language. Less obvious perhaps is the way that we dress. Here at Keeping Health in Mind HQ the ones of us in church leadership are very aware of wear a dog collar or not? To add layers of clothing that speak of the function we are about to perform? To wear socks and sandals? We have recently teamed up with Soul Purpose who had a vision for a clothing and lifestyle brand that didn't just speak of our function or role in life, and didn't just speak of our preferences or affiliations, but which posed deeper questions about what and who we believe in. And they also want to help good causes like ours. so we got together to design a product that sums up what Keeping Health in Mind is about in a way that invites questions rather than shouts it out. Check out our preview video in our media section here